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Cool Kids Programme

I’m trained and certified in the “cool kids programme” (est. by Prof. Ron Rappee, 1995).


I use CBT techniques to help parents and children cope better with anxiety and depression.

This therapy differs from others because the parent and child are viewed as a single unit, therefore, creating effective results that live beyond the therapy room.

Both child and parent are present in the therapy allowing the tools taught to be applied and absorbed at home and in the child’s everyday life.

The average process takes only 12 sessions. The goal of the program is two-fold:

  1. teach the child to change his/her thoughts surrounding their difficulties in order to respond in a more effective way.

  2. Identify and change how the parents’ thoughts and reactions are interacting with the child’s difficulty.


By accomplishing both goals the child’s new coping skills will be supported and effective long after the therapy is completed.


Cool Kids Program helps children dealing with:

  • Social Anxiety

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Separation anxiety

  • General Anxiety

  • Testing Anxiety

  • Health Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Phobias

  • Low-self esteem


The Program is divided by age:

Children:ages 6-12 (parent present in each session)

Teenagers (13-18) Parents present (initial session, 3rd session, 6th  session and final session)


The Program helps children and parents learn and practice:


  • Assertiveness and effective communication skills

  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques

  • Managing and expressing emotions

  • Tools to cope with anxiety and depression

  • Build a stronger family unit

  • Manage social situations

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